If You Don’t Owe Anyone You Don’t Have Any Money

*blank stare*

A few days ago I was eavesdropping overheard a conversation that two women were having at the bus stop. It was about mortgages and a certain store’s payment plan for furniture, so it caught my attention, even though I don’t have nor am I interested in having any of those two  things. It was a really daft conversation, but what’s a girl to do when she’s stuck at the bus stop while her headphones are at home? One of the ladies said she bought some furniture on hire purchase and her sister disapproved and the other chimed in then and said “If you don’t owe anyone you don’t have any money.”

*scratch the record*


Let’s break this down:

If you don’t owe anyone = You don’t have any money (false)

If you do owe someone = You do have money (false)

That is so silly on so many levels and really perpetuates the idea that you need to live on credit in order to survive. If you have that attitude then you will forever be in debt and you will basically be working to pay someone else. Isn’t it bad enough that you go to work to make your company richer, but you’re also making sure whoever you owe has a steady flow of income  coming from you every month.

Climbing out of debt is easier said than done, but your attitude and mindset has way more of any influence over how fast your balance decreases than how much money you make every month.

Have you ever heard anyone say this before? Do you think attitude and mindset are more influential than net pay?


4 thoughts on “If You Don’t Owe Anyone You Don’t Have Any Money

  1. This makes absolutely no sense at all to me, unless you consider the fact that if you have money, people extend MORE credit to you, which is a sign of having more money?

    No. Still nonsense.

    • I know it definitely does not make any sense to me at all. You could have a mountain of debt and not have the money because you already spent it all. Well maybe she was saying the only way to truly have money is if you borrow it from someone? Which I still don’t get because she does work.

  2. What a bunch of crackpots! I hate being in debt and am doing everything I can to get out!

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